Roman Mildner

Roman Mildner, PMP

Roman Mildner (MSc.), is a project manager (PMP), book author, and a business architect. He has been into software and computer technology since 1990. In 1992 he began working the software industry and started 1998 his career as an independent consultant and project manager.

As a management consultant with in-depth IT knowledge and a practice-proven expertise of industry-leading quality standards such as CMMI or ISO 15504 (Automotive SPICE) he specializes in the design of lean, agile development processes. He supports his clients in organizational, strategic and operational project management issues, as well as in developing and promoting of innovative technologies.

His particular skills include converting complex, heavy-weight standards and methodologies in agile and effective development processes. He draws on decades of experience in various disciplines – from software development and system architecture in technical environments to project management and process optimization which allows for efficient communication on all technical and organizational levels.

His offering includes project management and project coaching, process consultancy, organizational on-site counseling, seminars, lectures and workshops.

Examples of his projects include:

  • Development and implementation of an Automotive SPICE-compliant development process for an international system manufacturer (ca. 100 employees)
  • Development and implementation of an Automotive SPICE-compliant development process for a global automotive supplier
  • Project management of a fixed-price project (software development, with budget responsibility) for a medium-sized enterprise (financial sector)
  • Enterprise-wide development and implementation of a CMMI-compliant development process for a leading global automotive supplier
  • Development and implementation of a UML (Use Cases) based and requirements management process, including training and coaching, with an international telecommunications company
  • Development and implementation of a long-term training program in the field of object-oriented methodology in software architecture and requirements elicitation for globally operating telecommunication company
  • Management of a software development project (with budget responsibility) for the manufacture and development of a workflow management tool
  • Management of the development of an innovative logistics management system (container freight logistics, with budget responsibility)
  • Update and a global roll-out of an Automotive-SPICE compliant systems development processes for an automotive parts maker

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